You will be invited to arrange and create your ideal living space, using a selection of lightweight, movable walls and representations of abstracted furniture.  All the while a projector beams typical and historical floorplans onto the ground, which you might use as either inspiration or contrast. This event will make you think about and vividly experience some of the challenges in designing and delivering social and livable housing in a fun and creative way.

This event is open to all, as it should be experienced by all— it makes some of the abstract challenges of urban planning and interior design seem lucid and immediate. You should therefore attend, whether you are a housing policymaker, architect, designer, student… or simply just interested in the experience that this intriguing event has to offer!



Studio SPUTNIK is an award-winning group of architects who not only create ground-breaking and unique designs for a variety of projects including housing, but also carry out and publish research using their experience and expertise to contribute to the ever-changing and growing debates on urbanism.

Museum Het Schip is dedicated to preserving and educating about the architecture and social history of Amsterdam’s built environment, and is based in an iconic, functioning social housing development of the Amsterdam School architectural style.


Date & time:  The installation runs from the 13th June until October 31st 2017, and is open from 11.00 AM to 17.00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday

Location: Museum Het Schip (Oostzaanstraat 45, 1013 WG Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Fees (to museum):

  • Regular: €12.50
  • Museumkaart: free
  • IAmsterdamcard: free
  • Students: €7.50
  • Kids under 12: free
  • ICOM / Rembrandtkaart: entrance to exhibition is free, the guided tour is €5.00

Organizers: Henk Bultstra Bert Karel Deuten deuten@studiosputnik.nl Steve Cok and Barend Blom b.blom@hetschip.nl