In the Netherlands, most regulation and laws on housing have a national impact, but market pressures differ regionally. The Dutch Tenant Union (Woonbond) organizes a debate on how to handle these differences in market pressure, which may lead to segregation regionally and locally.

Laws and support apply to corporations and tenants equally, everywhere. The question then becomes whether it is useful or not to start differentiating.


At this meeting, a mix of board members from local tenant organizations and corporations will gather in workgroups to discuss the pros and cons of regionalizing regulations.

View at our neighbours

Hans Knops, director of the tenants association in Aachen (Germany) will present the German ‘Mietspiegel’. This is a system to control the rent in the otherwise liberal rental markets within Germany. He will also shed a light on the pro’s and con’s of this system, which is based on regional market developments. This wil be in German and translated to Dutch


Panel debate (in Dutch)

Ronald Paping (director at de Woonbond), Mieke van den Berg (boardmember at housing association Eigen Haard) and Pieter Hooimeijer (prof. Human Geography and Planning  Social Urban Transitions) will share their views on the different options regarding market pressure and policy differentiation. Are national rules sufficient or do we need local differentiation? What to do with different boundaries for the social housing sector? Do they need to change?

The panel members are:

          Ronald Paping (director Woonbond)

          Mieke van den Berg (boardmember Eigen Haard)

          Pieter Hooimeijer (professor Human Geography and Planning – Social Urban Transitions)

The debate will be led by Fred van der Molen (chief editor NUL 20)


The Woonbond (Dutch Tenant Union) strives for affordable rent, qualitative dwellings in livable, safe neighborhoods, and for strong tenant organizations.


Date, time: Wednesday 21 June, 15:30 to 17:30 hrs

Location: Het Schip Museum, tower room. Oostzaanstraat 45, Amsterdam

Fee: none

Language: Dutch

Organizer: Bastiaan van Perlo bvperlo@woonbond.nl