Expo ‘Highlights of Social Housing in the Netherlands’

This exhibition highlights 10 iconic social housing projects in the Netherlands. Photos, building plans, maps, and objects tell the story of these complexes that became famous for their architecture, urban planning, or social ideas. While some complexes attained ‘iconic’ status through their success as exemplary living spaces, others attained it through becoming iconic failures. Both scenarios will be explored.

The event is organized to introduce people to some of the iconic complexes on social housing in the Netherlands. Their architecture, urban planning, or ideas of community make them unique and distinctive. The ideas behind these complexes can teach of success and failure in the social housing sector, but, most importantly, they can inspire.

This exhibition is supported by the Amsterdam Arts Fund

Expo ‘Amsterdam Arrivals’

It is expected in 2050, 2/3 of the global population, equivalent to 8 billion people, will live in cities. This is the result of a global trend of people moving from the countryside to metropolitan areas. All over the world, both in the West as well as developing countries, cities are challenged to accommodate all newcomers.

The research project ‘Amsterdam Arrivals’ was created as part of the International Social Housing Festival and explores the ‘arrival space’ of the city of Amsterdam. ‘Arrival space’ is defined as a directly accessible accommodation for newcomers in Amsterdam, and newcomers may be loosely defined as refugees, workers, students etc.

How accessible is the Amsterdam housing stock to newcomers? What properties does this ‘arrival space’ have? What do these migrants need? Can we conceive of new types of accommodation for newcomers? What strategies make Amsterdam permanently ‘open’ to newcomers?

This exposition portrays the results of the research carried out by three teams.

Research project ‘Amsterdam Arrivals’ is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Expo ‘Housing for the Global South’

The biggest housing challenge worldwide is accommodating the numerous migrants that move from the countryside to the city in what we call the ‘Global South’ (South America, Africa, Asia).  To some extent, the situation of rapidly growing cities in the ‘Global South’ is comparable to what the late 19th century Dutch cities experienced. Many migrants end up in informal settlements with limited access to water, care, and other basic amenities.

The exposition ‘Global Housing: Affordable Dwellings for Growing Cities’ is focused on architectural and urban planning models implemented to face this challenge worldwide. It explores the tension between the required mass production and solutions tailored to local circumstances. The emphasis is both on the design of the individual dwelling and the city as a whole. What makes a good, compact dwelling? How can new megacities do justice to the existing social structures, local production methods, and the individual wishes of residents?

This exposition was composed by TU Delft, Chair of Architecture & Dwelling.

Expo ‘Amsterdam School constructed ideas’

Het Schip museum exhibits early 20th century expressionist architecture known as ‘Amsterdam School style’ and the history of early social housing in the Netherlands. The first floor houses the large permanent exhibition, ‘Amsterdam School Constructed Ideals’. Visitors will vividly experience what it is like to be surrounded with the skills, inspiration, and imaginative splendor of the Amsterdam School. The courtyard of the block is adorned with a collection of Amsterdam School street furniture.

The Amsterdam School is an art and architectural movement of romance, fantasy and social ideals. Beauty and art were not only reserved for the elite, but served the whole Dutch society. The exhibition will introduce you to the richness of the Amsterdam School style: the buildings, the art, and the uplifting of the working class. The Amsterdam School as a movement culminated in the early twentieth century, but still inspires to this day.

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Expo ‘Room of Innovation’

As time moves forward, technology continues to advance and develop. It may be difficult to stay up to date on innovation and new technological advances that may benefit social housing. Zig Web Software, a leading software company working with and for social housing associations, presents the Room of Innovation exposition as part of the ISHF.  The exposition houses an entire room filled with new technology applicable and useful for social housing. You may experience these new innovations first hand.  

The exposition will include interactive and immersive experiences, including virtual reality used for renting or renovating homes, the potential for artificial intelligence in front offices of housing associations, Internet of Things used to predict mildew in dwellings, or new technology to measure noise disturbances from neighbors.  The exposition will attempt to answer questions on the future of innovation in social housing, as well as inspire future advances. 


The exhibition will be continuously held alongside the entire festival. Visitors are free to enter, enjoy, and exit the exhibition at their leisure at normal opening times.  Visitors may also join a tour of the building, held hourly.


Het Schip Museum exhibits early 20th century expressionist architecture known as ‘Amsterdam School style’ and the history of early social housing in the Netherlands.


Date, time:  open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00-17.00. All expositions will remain until the 31st of October 2017. Exceptions include Housing for the Global South and Room of Innovation.

Location: Museum Het Schip, Oostzaanstraat 45, Amsterdam

Regular fee: 12.50 euro


   Barend Blom, b.blom@hetschip.nl

   Menno Ouweneel, MOuweneel@zigwebsoftware.nl

   Roos van Strien, r.v.strien@socialhousingfestival.com