Do housing providers really match the needs of tenants? In times of increasing ‘flexibility’ and an ever-broadening variety of lifestyles, resulting in a growing variety of requirements to housing— the stock appears to be very inflexible. The lion’s share of the current housing stock was built for families. Only recently are designers and providers fully acknowledging this challenge.

Sputnik Architects want to investigate what tenants really need, and to get their answer, they are asking people to build their own ideal apartment themselves! This will be done in the ‘Housing Laboratory’, a temporary installation at the top floor of Museum Het Schip. Participants will be invited to arrange and create their ideal living space, using a selection of lightweight, movable walls and representations of abstracted furniture. A projector will beam down classic and modern examples of floorplan layouts so that people can compare their very own self-build apartment with professional examples.

At this Opening Event workshop the architects of Sputnik will introduce the installation and invite participants to create the first designs. The installation will remain until the end of the festival.


     Studio Sputnik is an award-winning group of architects who not only create ground-breaking and unique designs for a variety of projects including housing, but also carry out and publish research using their experience and expertise to contribute to the ever-changing and growing debates on urbanism.

     Museum Het Schip is dedicated to preserving and educating about the architecture and social history of Amsterdam’s built environment, and is based in an iconic, functioning social housing development of the Amsterdam School architectural style.



Date and time: June 13th 2017, 14.00 a.m. – 15.30 p.m.

Location: Spaarndammerbuurt

Fees & entry: Part of ISHF’s opening event (registration below)

Contact: Bert Karel Deuten (deuten@studiosputnik.nl)

Registration (for full opening event)