Three leading Dutch social housing associations and multiple teams of software developers have 24 hours to create and realize an idea that will solve three real-life challenges that housing associations face every day!  That is the Social Housing Hackathon in a nutshell. Participating teams will be collaborating intensively (with lots of coffee!) to hack their chosen case as creatively and efficiently as possible.

At the end of the Hackathon there will be an award ceremony at which the winning team will be crowned the winner of the Social Housing Hackathon 2017 and walk away with the prize money of €5000,- 

Please don’t hesitate to step by and take a look at how the participating teams are working, brainstorming and ‘hacking’ the future of social housing!

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Zigwebsoftware  is a leading software company that stands for Security, Innovation and Convenience. Since 2001, Zig has made digital solutions for housing associations that make it possible for associations to collaborate smarter online; both with each other and with tenants and housing seekers.


Participating housing associations

Elkien, de Alliantie and Sociale Verhuurders Haaglanden are renowned Dutch social housing associations that have formulated real-life cases based on issues their associations encounter on a daily basis.


Date and time: June 14 2017, 17:00 – June 15 2017, 17:00

Location: Werkkamer Westergas Fabriek, Pazzanistraat 13a Amsterdam

Fees & entry: No entrance fee. Feel free to step by!!

Language: Dutch