This session will feature four presentations about successful Housing First initiatives in social housing sectors across Europe. Starting us off will be Finland, a world leader in the reduction of homelessness using the Housing First methodology. Next, we will look at two cities: in Lyon, France, local authorities are working closely with social housing providers to plan and implement Housing First programmes; and in Liverpool, UK, where the Housing First Europe Hub, working with the UK charity, Crisis, has undertaken a study on how to scale up Housing First across major cities. Finally, we will look at how Housing First has been adopted in The Netherlands in partnership with social housing providers.


  1. Introduction to the Housing First Europe Hub and its mission to promote the scaling up of Housing First – Juha Kaakinen, Y-Foundation, Finland
  • The importance of involving housing providers in the development of Housing First practices
  • How can the Housing First Europe Hub support social housing providers: training, research, and advocacy tools


  1. Models for cities – scaling up Housing First across services and sectors
  • Lyon, France –Cédric Van Styvendael, Habitat Est – Lyon and Housing Europe, and Corinne Aubin Vasselin, director of housing for the City of Lyon; discussion on current plans for working together to scale up Housing First
  • Liverpool – Chris Hancock, Crisis, UK; presentation on the feasibility study conducted by Crisis, with support from the Housing First Europe Hub, on how to scale up Housing First


  1. The Netherlands – Innovation in social housing for vulnerable people in the Netherlands – Karen van Brunschot, Federatie Opvang, and Jules van Dam, director of Tussen Voorziening in Utrecht; this presentation will cover topics including the action programme, ‘Weer Thuis’ co-organised by Aedes, the national association of Netherlands municipalities (VNG), and the Federatie Opvang


Speakers will present on their country-specific experiences.  Participants will have ample opportunity to ask questions and are invited to consider how the Housing First Europe Hub might support them in the future to help make Housing First a real solution for homelessness.



   Juha Kaakinen – CEO, Y-Foundation, Finland
   Cédric Van Styvendael – Director General, Habitat Est, Lyon
   Corinne Aubin Vasselin – Director of housing for the City of Lyon
   Chris Hancock, Head of Housing, Crisis, UK
   Karen van Brunschot – Senior Policy Officer, Federatie Opvang

   Jules Van Dam – Director – Tussenvoorziening, board member – Federatie Opvang, Utrecht

   Chair Freek Spinnewijn – Director, FEANTSA

   Ruth Owen – Policy Coordinator, FEANTSA


The Housing First Europe Hub is a new platform for sharing learning about Housing First and providing support for training, advocacy, and research on scaling up Housing First in Europe.



Date, time: Friday 16 June 2017, 13:00 – 17:30 hrs.

Location: Polanentheater, Room of Mirrors. Polanenstraat 174, 1013 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fee: none

Language: English


   Samara Jones – Samara.jones@feantsa.org

   Taina Hytönen – Taina.Hytonen@ysaatio.fi