Every two weeks neighbours from the Spaarndammerbuurt come together to meet each other, enjoy a good meal and get to know new people. We believe in the strengthening of low key moments of connection between people. Especially in a highly individualised society, there is a need of community’s  which seek to unify people of different backgrounds. Eating and spending time with your neighbours can be a helpfull moment to reach this goal and now you are able to join this dinner as well!


18:30 – 20:00       The meal starts with a moment of silence. After a little welcome, the meals starts. Meals are not served: we are not a restaurant, but seek to find the cosiness of a family meal. After desert and coffee, the dinner is over.
20:00                     Optionally people are free to join the ‘eveningprayer’ in the neigbourhoodchapel: a moment of silence, reflection and prayer by candlelight to close the day.


Hebron Amsterdam is a small christian community which seeks the bloom of the Spaarndammerbuurt. Through Sunday-celebrations, help with homework, , bibleclasses in the pub and moment of connection, we try to reach this flourishment.


Date and time: June 15, 2017, 18:30 – 20:00

Location: Polanenstraat 197, 1013 VV Amsterdam

Fees & entry: dinner is 5€

Contact: Jurjen de Bruijne (jurjen@hebron.amsterdam) – reachable on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays